Alice’s Telegraph

The history of Alice Springs really begins with the stringing of telegraph lines from Adelaide to Darwin. Here’s the telegraph station, built near the spring named Alice, that formed the heart of the little community that would begin to grow in this area.

old telegraph station

Actually, there’s a fair bit more info about this telegraph station in a post I made back in March. It includes  a brief excerpt from the book relating the history of the Old Telegraph Station at Alice Springs.



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2 responses to “Alice’s Telegraph

  1. I havent been to Alice Springs, but I have of course read Nevil Shute’s ‘A town like Alice’. Which worries me, since I do not know whether the real place will live up to its billing in the novel. I liked the novel.

  2. Well, Alice Springs has certainly grown since Shute wrote his novel—and even since my first visit. But it is still quite wonderful. And the beauty that surrounds it is pretty unchanging—the ancient red rocks, the wonderful gorges, the intriguing birds and flowers, the ghost gums and casuarinas. So if you get out of town a bit, I still think it lives up to its billing.

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