The galah (accent on the second syllable) is a species of cockatoo that I saw almost everywhere I went in Australia. They are in fact the most numerous and widespread of Australia’s cockatoos.

Galahs sport rather handsome pink and gray plumage, as you can see below. One may see just a few galahs at a time, but more often, they are seen in large, noisy flocks. The almost constant chatter of a large group of galahs gave rise to a common Australian term for a talkfest: a galah session.

Galahs mate for life and share all tasks, from defending the nest to incubating and feeding the young.

I photographed these galahs just south of the MacDonnell Ranges outside Alice Springs.




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5 responses to “Galahs

  1. naturespaintbox

    Hello Cynthia,

    Thanks for the link to the picture of the monkey with the snowball which I have not seen before and you are right, the monkeys have the same looks on their little faces! It’s a gorgeous photo.

    Your life story is very interesting and I admire your courage – I also began a new life here in Brisbane and came out from Scotland by myself so I can understand the immensity of what you did.

    Congratulations also on getting a book published – this is no easy task and I read the exert on Amazon and loved it – I may have to read more….


  2. Thanks, Lesley.

    And glad you liked that photo—because I loved the one you posted.

  3. writinggb

    Very interesting. What a lot of diversity of wildlife there is in Australia!

  4. What! You went to Australia!

    I’m jealous.
    I want to go there.
    I want to go everywhere.

  5. Yeah — I want to go everywhere, too. But I’d definitely recommend Australia to start.

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