Because I have received so many requests over the years, scattered among the comments on the blog, in person, on my Facebook fan page, and by various other means people have found to communicate with me, I thought it would be nice to offer a page just for requests. The kinds of requests I have gotten and to which I would happily respond include:

Is there something or somewhere mentioned in the book that I haven’t covered yet in the blog, but about which you’d like to know more?

Would you like me to phone your book club or class and answer questions while you discuss Waltzing Australia?

Would you like to interview me for an article or radio program? (About the book, changing careers, setting goals and staying on track, or travel tips)

Would you like me to give a presentation on Australia or travel tips? (Travel Savvy is actually my most popular presentation, with tips and recommendations for staying healthy, cutting risks, reducing hassles, and have more fun exploring the world.)

Would you like me to send an autographed copy of the book?

Do you want to quote my work?

Let me know. I may not be able to answer every request, but I will do my best to respond to anything reasonable.

(Oh—and all comments are moderated, at least the first time you comment, so if you include contact info, I can edit it out before your comment gets posted.)


15 responses to “Requests

  1. I’m collecting peoples memories about Kardomah Cafes, and read with interest your recollections, I wondered if you could let me know which Kardomah you used to go to, and when that was. I’m also trying to collect as many locations as I can, and would it be OK for me to quote your paragraph on the Kardomah on my Blog? Thank you for your help.

  2. Dear Cynthia:
    A B. Kraig on the ASFS listserve mentioned a Cynthia Clampitt who is writing a book on corn in the Midwest. Is that you? If so, I’d be very interested to hear more about the project. I am an acquisitions editor at the University of Iowa Press and we’ve just started a new list in food studies. Naturally, corn and the Midwest are high on my list of topics I’d like to publish books on.
    Catherine Cocks
    Acquisitions Editor, University of Iowa Press

    • Yes — it is I who am writing that book. Thanks so much for the contact. However, I’m already under contract with the University of Illinois Press for this one (and will, shortly, be starting a blog for the book — Midwest Maize). But let’s talk about other ideas that might suit your needs.

  3. I was wondering if I could have permission to use the fairy/little/blue penguin photo you posted as an image on my own blog (with due credit, of course).


  4. Jennifer Lucia

    Ms. Clampitt – I came across your information at the Freemont Public Library in Mundelain IL. I see that you will be presetning with them on March 13th. I am wondering if you have other openings for presentations during your time here. I work for a private country club in Highland Park, IL, not far from the Mundelain area. We provide a lecture series for our members during hte spring and fall months. I think a presentation of your travels and experiences would be vrey interesting to our members. I would appreciate any information you could provide.
    Thank you
    Jennifer Lucia

  5. I may not be able to attend your presentation at the Palos Heights library on June 19th…Will you be presenting at other libraries?


    • Thanks for your interest, Agnes. I’m doing the Waltzing Australia presentation on August 16, 7pm, at the Park Ridge Library; August 29m 6pm, at the New Lenox Library; and September 12, 7pm, at the Lyons Library. I’m also doing it at Harper College on August 25, 1-3 — but that’s part of their Lifelong Learning Institute, so I’m not sure what is involved in registering for that.

  6. May I have your permission to reprint your photo of the Ghost Gum with attribution on my blog?

    My blog has no commerical value. Thank you for your tribute to the eucalypts.

  7. Orisha "Rish" Kulick

    Hi Cynthia,
    Your speaking skills were highly recommended to me by Phil (last name omitted) from the Palatine Library. I am the Program Chairman for the Palatine Women’s Club for 2013-2015. We are a charitable organization with approx. 50 members. I am currently planning evening presentations for the following meeting dates: October 15, 2013; February 18, 2014; March 18, 2014. Our meetings are well attended. I would love to discuss speaking engagement details with you.
    Orisha “Rish” Kulick

    • Greetings, Rish.

      I’d be delighted to offer one of my programs, and all of your dates are still open. I’ll email you to make arrangements.

      Thanks so much for getting in touch.


  8. Hello!

    I am from Bloomingdale Public Library and we are interested in the possibility of having you come to the library to speak in October as part of our On the Same Page community reading event. This year’s title is The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman, and the book is set in post World War I Australia. Please let me know if you are interested.


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