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Scanner Update

While a local camera repair shop tries to figure out if they can make my scanner work again, I’ve got a temporary fix in place. A photographer friend (the one you can visit if you click on In Beauty I Walk in the blog roll at right) is going to let me use her scanner to do at least a couple of weeks worth of scans, to keep me going until I learn the fate of my scanner. So I should be back in business tomorrow—at least for a while.


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Helping Mom

Just to let you know there won’t be any posts for a couple of weeks, as I’m off to mom’s in the morning (just one state over, but a bit of drive). She’s had major spinal surgery, and while she’s been in the convalescence center for a few weeks, she still can’t be allowed to go home alone — and she really wants to go home. So I’ll be moving in with mom for two maybe three weeks, just so there’s someone to drive, shop, cook, and take care of things while mom recovers.

But we’ll travel farther up the Gordon River when I return — and beyond.


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