Alice’s Water

The Todd River and Heavitree Gap both took their names from Charles Heavitree Todd, who was Superintendent of Telegraphs and Postmaster General of South Australia at the time this area was being explored. However, the waterhole found at this location got named for Todd’s wife, Alice. Below is a photo of Alice’s “spring.”

This weekend, I broke my wrist, so I’m reduced to typing with one hand. Hence, for the next few weeks, posts will be short and may even be reduced to photos only for a while. If you miss reading my deathless prose, then perhaps my book will fill the gap. Once the cast comes off, I’ll return to writing longer posts.

Alice’s Spring



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2 responses to “Alice’s Water

  1. gatorball

    I am a naturalist. Beautiful pic of the spring. When I lived in Florida, we had over 132 springs throughout the state. Now, living in Colorado, there are a few springs, more lakes and rivers though. Oh, sorry to hear about your wrist.

  2. stumpar

    A broken wrist: Writer’s Crampasaurus. Rest and heal. Voice record your blog ideas for when you’re better and can jot them here again. We’ll wait. Cheers.

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