The Need to Diversify

This video underscores the need to diversify. While we may already understand that from the standpoint of a private investment portfolio, clearly, it also applies to nations. Hope Australia can combat these issues.


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2 responses to “The Need to Diversify

  1. Wow. You think there are similarities between the Australians and the “Yanks” you should compare them to Canada. It gets down right spooky. Even our love for the outdoors, Barbecues, and beer. That’s why Aussies like us Canucks BEST! 😊 😝 LL

    • Of course, the other similarity is neither Canada nor Australia left the Commonwealth. As for similarities between the U.S. and Oz, I’d say it’s more true of the American Midwest — the East Coast and the South are not very much like Australia — but the Midwest has more similarities — and a bit of the American West — especially Arizona. As for who they like best, I always found the Aussies good at accepting people based on who they are rather than where they came from. Made a lot of good friends Down Under.

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