Don’t Go Now

I don’t think anyone could doubt my love of Australia, after all the time I’ve spent there and all the hundreds of posts I’ve written about it. But sadly, if you want to visit, this is not the time. Fear of COVID-19 has led to lockdown rules that are so strict that even the Chinese Communist Party has commented on them.

I’ll be praying that things get back to normal so folks can visit Australia again. But this is definitely not the time to plan a vacation to the Land Downunder. So sad.



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6 responses to “Don’t Go Now

  1. I finally read your book recommendation Giants in the Earth! WOW! It was stunning and so damned tragic!

    • It was stunning and tragic–both the book and the reality. Life was much harder back then. And, of course, the late 1800s were the end of the Little Ice Age, so winters were worse. Always astonishing to be reminded what people went through to get here. But also life affirming on one level — the fact that anyone survived it.

      • That’s the thing about farming, too — so much hope and heartbreak and so much out of your control. To do it on such a grand scale and in a foreign and unpredictable land — awe-inspiring.

        • Absolutely. It’s why I love watching videos of farming even today — so much work and hope and not knowing what will go wrong. And so much beauty and wonder when it is right. But as you say, in a foreign and unpredictable land–inspires awe, admiration, and gratitude for what they gave us. I just picked up David McCullough’s book “The Pioneers,” to continue the theme.

  2. Wish I’d had it before I finished the book I have coming out in a couple of months. That said, even without it, I hit the word limit set by the publisher. But the history of the heartland is pretty amazing. At least I read Giants in the Earth in time to visit sites related to the author. So much interesting stuff to learn!!!

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