Getting Back on Track

I’ve spent the last year taking care of my mom during a medical crisis. Because mom lived two states away, that meant I was almost never home. As a result, posting has been somewhat haphazard. I’m hoping to get back to making it a bit more regular–though, with mom now moved to a retirement home just 5 miles away, instead of more than 300, I may still be kept busy. However, I want to get back to this blog. I’ve got two more trips to share–wonderful, astonishing trips that reunited me with old friends but also took me farther out each time. So if all goes as planned, I’ll be able to dive into posting somewhat more regularly on this blog (plus on my other two blogs).

So stay tuned for the further adventures.



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3 responses to “Getting Back on Track

  1. rachellaudan

    So sorry to hear about your mother’s medical crisis. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. Philip

    Looking forward to further posts, Cynthia. Best wishes to you and your Mom.

  3. Thanks. Very much looking forward to achieving the “new normal,” with mom now nearby. And looking forward to sharing more.

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