Semi-Gone But Definitely Not Forgotten

I’ve learned from a friend that Old Sydney Town closed. I did a bit of research and learned that, indeed, a few years ago, due to money problems, it was closed to the public. However, it apparently lives on as a for-rent movie set. Nice to know they didn’t bulldoze it. That said, there is apparently some debate about whether the current owner will try to reopen (with a bit more marketing, so people know it’s there) or sell it for development. It would be a pity to lose it, though I do understand the concept of unloading a money-losing property. Having somehow reached a larger audience, Victoria’s Sovereign Hill is thriving. It seems that someone should be able to make a go of Old Sydney Town. I hope so.

Here are a few more images from Old Sydney Town. Perhaps if you’re going to make a movie, these will entice you to rent the site.



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3 responses to “Semi-Gone But Definitely Not Forgotten

  1. Ooh, this looks really interesting. Is it visitable and photographicable? (sorry…I think I just made up a word!)

    • Greetings, Cathy.
      I imagine that if they’re still allowing filming there, they’d allow photography. It is (or was) a fabulous place to photograph, so I hope you can get in. Let me know if you succeed.

  2. dee

    Hi I teach in a tiny (20 students) school in central victoria australia and we are working with 5 other small schools in our cluster this coming term on a collaborative history project on the first fleet and settlement. I would very much like your permission to use your Old Sydney Town images for the kids projects if that is at all possible.

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