Charters Towers

Next stop up the Queensland coast was Townsville. After seeing the sites in town, I headed to nearby Charters Towers, site of one of Queensland’s big gold rushes. Actually, Australia had a fair number of gold rushes—most of them in Queensland or Victoria.

What made Charters Towers particularly fun is that it hasn’t changed much since the days of the gold rush. Sure, they’ve added electricity and paved the roads, but the town is otherwise charmingly untouched.

Charters Towers



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2 responses to “Charters Towers

  1. I enjoyed your brief post and picture of Charters Towers! I have a friend who lives there, and she has been trying to persuade me to visit her for years. If it wasn’t for the cost of airfares between there and Melbourne, I probably would have by now. It sounds like an interesting old town.

  2. It is a delightful little town. And there are plenty of things to do nearby. Townsville has much to offer (not as much as Melbourne, of course, but different things of interest, including a wonderful war museum.) The Burdekin River area is great for bird watchers. So lots to do. And as for getting there, if you have a little bit of time to spend, taking the bus is fun, as you get to see so much while you drive—and you might even stop over in Brisbane or elsewhere on the way to see your friend. The drive up the coast is really lovely.

    Hope you get to visit your friend before too much longer.

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