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Why Koalas Hug Trees

A very interesting fact about koalas just popped up in a video from SciShow — a series that offers scientific explanations for various phenomena. Someone had asked why koalas hugged trees, and researchers have now found out why. Fun stuff.

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The Summer 2015 Fires

Fires are not an unusual occurrence in Australia, but this year’s fires near Adelaide are proving to be among the worst in recent memory.

While the devastation is stunning, with homes destroyed, lives disrupted, people injured, and thousands of acres of glorious bushland devastated, there are still charming vignettes that become popular viewing. Koalas don’t normally drink water, getting the moisture they need from the leaves they eat. However, with leaves dried out or consumed by fire, koalas are having to depend on humans for water, which has led to a spate of videos being uploaded when Aussies have come across koalas that are more than happy to accept water from humans.

Not all the koala stories are so cute, however. Koalas move slowly, so they are more likely to get caught than swifter animals. That has led to the need for care–and mittens.


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