Shark Wall in WA

Shark attacks are part of the reality of enjoying the lure of the ocean. In Australia, as in the U.S., this is more common on the West Coast. A fair number of approaches have been tried to keep swimmers safe. On my first trip to Australia, I swam in a shark cage near Port Hedland, which did the trick but was fairly confining. Efforts to achieve safety have continued. After additional decades of effort, a new option was developed and tested in Western Australia (WA). The good news is, the Eco Shark Barrier works well and the company that invented it is now the world’s leading purveyor of systems that keep both swimmers and marine life safe. Check out the interlocking shark wall in this video.



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4 responses to “Shark Wall in WA

  1. For some reason I’m more afraid of waves than sharks. I have always had nightmares about sunbathing when suddenly a tsunami wave comes towering over me!

    • Well, that’s a scary enough image–and a good metaphor for anything overwhelming. In fact, I think it’s probably one of those things that, when it appears in dreams, reflects a reality other than being on the beach.

      I guess the reason sharks concern me is both the movie Jaws and the fact that one time I was in a situation where I was on a capsized boat surrounded by sharks. Happily, I was rescued in time. But it has been a long time since I was in that situation, and I no longer have any fear — I’m still really careful if I’m swimming somewhere that has sharks.

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