I’m interrupting the flow of this trip to ask a couple of questions. I’m hoping some of you will answer.

WordPress lets me know if anyone clicks on things on a post–links, videos, or photo thumbnails — so I know that only about 2 out of every 75 people actually click on the thumbnails, to see the images full size. Why do you think most folks don’t click on thumbnails (or, if you’re in that group, why don’t you click on the thumbnails)? There are some really remarkable images in the several hundred posts on this blog, but most of you have never seen them. Are images less important to you than words?

When photos are particular favorites, I’ll add a note encouraging folks to click on the thumbnail. Can you think of anything else I could do to encourage people to look at the photos full size? Or are you unfamiliar with Australia and don’t expect the photos to be interesting?

Any insight would be appreciated. I’ll keep posting, but I may cut back the number of photos if you feel that photos are not all that important. Thanks.


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7 responses to “Questions

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on a thumbnail, but I’ve spent lots of time admiring pictures. It might be fair to say that the pictures hold my attention more than the words.

    I’m usually reading on a decent sized computer screen and feel like there is not much difference between looking at them halfway through someone’s post or looking at them in isolation. Sometimes I prefer looking at the big collage of pictures all together, rather than separately clicking through each one.

    I say keep posting!

    • Thanks. I’m sorry you aren’t seeing some of the detail — but nice to know you’re noticing the images. And thanks for responding. Nice to know there is someone out there.

      • I’d never really thought about it before! Maybe I’ll start appreciating everyone’s shots in more detail from now on.

        • Given some of the gorgeous images on your own blog, it’s clear you have an eye for beauty. Of course, I don’t know how much of the image shows up on someone else’s computer, so maybe the fabulous rock formations or flocks of birds are clearer on your screen. But thanks again for responding.

  2. I’m so lazy and easily distracted so sometimes I don’t click on pics. I do enjoy looking at them if they’re already big 🙂

  3. Thomas hartle

    Please more pic. One picture is worth a 1000 words, enough said. Thanks

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