August 24, Part 3

We wound down narrow, twisting, rock-walled lanes, then, at a place identified as leading to a great view, we climbed high up into the rocks. Though fatigued and a bit dehydrated, I was not about to miss this, and I was glad I made the climb, as the view was glorious. I just made a point of being very careful as we picked our way up the narrow, crumbly, cliff-side path to the best possible view of the park.




Climbing higher

I made it safely back to ground level from our climb, and began to relax my vigilance. We were on uneven but more or less level ground now. There was so much to look at and photograph—but I missed seeing a rock sticking up in the path. It caught my foot and I crashed onto the hard, craggy ground, landing on my camera. My hands and knees were pretty badly cut up. Landing on my camera chewed it up a fair bit, but it more than got even. I’ve had broken ribs before, and I could tell that the landing on the camera had at least cracked a rib. On the plus side, I know they don’t do anything for broken ribs, other than telling you to take it easy, so I spared myself a trip to the hospital. But still would rather not have done this.

Don jogged into town and sent a cab for us. Belinda and Athena washed my wounds and looked after me. Back in came, ice was produced, and I kept it packed on the worst of my injuries. Everything hurts—my back, the cuts and scrapes, the wrist I put out to stop my fall, and especially the breast and ribs that landed on the camera.

When I went to the ablution block to clean up, a few of the ladies came in to check on me (not just curiosity—Marianne was a nurse and wanted to see if she could help), and I was gratified when they all cringed. (There is something reassuring about having others agree that your injuries look serious.) My entire right breast and my right side from armpit to below my waist are the color of dark, raw liver, but mottled with black. Having them see this will be helpful when I need assistance with things like carrying my backpack.

My camera seems to still be working—good ad for Nikon. Lost the filter that was on the front of my lens, and the image counter is not working, but it otherwise seems to be okay—just hoping the focus is still accurate.

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