September 6, Part 2

Then it was back to the house to pack for a weekend away–and then wait for Richard to arrive. I have not yet met Richard, just read about him in Nikki’s letters. However, he was working as an outback guide when Nikki met him, so I have no doubt he will be a wonderful asset as we go off exploring for a couple of days. I’m grateful that they are willing to take off a couple of days to show me around their corner of Australia. I’m looking forward to this.

Richard arrived home by 3:30 and found us ready and waiting. We helped him pack the ute, and we were on our way by 4 o’clock, rolling out across the valley, north and east, toward the Flinders Ranges. We passed through miles of sheep raising land, and through the town of Burra. (A quick search on this blog will turn up two posts I did previously on Burra—because it was a favorite spot from my first trip.) We didn’t stop, just admired familiar sites as we continued on, through a brilliant sunset, to the town of Peterborough.

Peterborough is a charming, historic town that grew up along the railways, and it was in fact at the handsome, old Railway Hotel that we would be staying. This is one of those classic, two-story outback hotels with broad verandahs that were so commonly built in the late 1800s. This is serious Australiana. My second-floor room faces the front of the hotel and has a door that lets out onto the balcony that wraps around the building. Simply wonderful. I could hardly be happier.

Railway Hotel in Peterborough, SA

Railway Hotel in Peterborough, SA

We had dinner in the hotel’s bar, and then headed off for a walk through town. We strolled down Main Street, past picturesque storefronts, all of a nineteenth-century vintage similar to the hotel. The town hall was impressive. There were historic markers, but I really didn’t need them, as Richard knows the area’s history so well.

We returned to the hotel, where we enjoyed a nightcap and listened to the live entertainment. Both the staff and clientele were as charming as our surroundings. But then it was time to head off to bed. We’re going to be getting early starts each day, to take advantage of daylight hours. And so, good night.


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