Wednesday, September 4

We were up early and off for a day of enjoying the out-of-doors. The seashore is only a stone’s throw from Lou’s house. Lovely, low, green coastal vegetation covers most of the shore, with sand making up only the last 20 feet or so before you reach the water. We hopped in the car and headed off along the road that paralleled the water. Our route took us through the old, historic part of Port Adelaide, and then we turned inland and headed for the hills.

The hills that rise up behind Adelaide separate it from the Barossa Valley. The road carried us up into a rolling, green landscape, where our surroundings alternated between forest and lush grazing land, interrupted occasionally by charming, little, historic towns.



We were driving the 4WD, so after Williamstown, we left the sealed road and hit the dirt. We wound through increasingly beautiful scenery, past the Chain of Ponds and into the forest, which would open frequently, to afford us incredible views of the green valley below.

We saw a tremendous number of birds, including kookaburras (always love them) and Eastern rosellas. We also found ourselves in the company of kangaroos on several occasions.

We parked the 4WD in a grassy, shaded clearing, which Louanne said was once a favorite family campsite, then we set off for a couple of hours of hiking about, admiring the trees and stunningly abundant wildflowers (including some tiny orchids).



We gathered beautiful bits of quartz and stopped to watch a fairly large blue-tongued lizard, which gestured threateningly to let us know it didn’t appreciate being disturbed.
Blue-Tongued Lizard

Blue-Tongued Lizard

When we left this idyllic spot at least, we wandered a bit more through the hills, passing the small, old, stone farmhouse where Rae grew up. Then we headed back toward Adelaide.

We spent much of the evening looking at photographs from the various wanderings of my hosts, playing with the dogs (two delightfully enthusiastic Russell terriers named Lady and Pippi), and watched a few Australian TV shows (always fun to see how they differ from those at home).

Nice day. Nice people.


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