August 26, part 3

After lunch, I took another walk, this time along the short “Rainforest Circuit.” (Signposts name and point to possible paths and tell how long they are.) This was a beautiful trail. The greenery was lush and abundant. I saw figs, gums, palms, lianas, monsteras, ferns, and more. There were some interesting flowers. One flower-covered tree (which another hiker, who passed at an opportune moment, identified as pittosporum) is one of the most intoxicatingly fragrant trees I’ve ever encountered—cleaner and stronger than jasmine. Incredible.

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa

I saw pademelons (small, kangaroo-like marsupial) hopping through the brush. The birds I saw included currawongs, magpies, crimson rosellas, scrub turkeys, quail, and a wood pigeon. I could hear whipbirds (which are far more commonly heard than seen: check out the sound here), and an occasional bellbird, magpies, bowerbirds, and half a dozen things I couldn’t identify. It was wonderful. And I get to stay here for another day and a half!

Crimson rosellas

Crimson rosellas

Back to my room to freshen up for the evening. Glad I brought a sweater. It’s surprisingly chilly up here. Now, it’s time to head for “Beethoven in the bush”—music, munchies, and mingling before dinner.

Fascinating sunset. Usually, one needs clouds to add interest and color to a setting sun, but this evening, smoke from distant fires caused the light diffusion needed for a colorful sky. We watched from the library, which, like everything else, has an incredible view. As promised, Beethoven was playing in the background. Beautiful.

Smoky sunset

Smoky sunset

I met a lot of charming people during this pre-event time and even more over dinner. Dinner was lovely and abundant. Then, it was back to the library for a slide show by noted Australian artist Rex Bachkhaus-Smith. Rex creates wonderful watercolor paintings of Australian subjects, most of them with nature themes. Quite remarkable work, and he seemed like a delightful man, as well as.

Then, early to bed. I’ve been told the sunrise is remarkable here—plus, I’ve signed up for one of the long walks with the naturalist for tomorrow.

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