Encouraging Recognition

A few days ago, I received a very encouraging bit of recognition: The National Library of Australia was requesting permission to archive my Waltzing Australia blog.

I was informed that “The National Library has selected your publication for archiving because we have judged it to be an important component of the national documentary heritage. We want it to be available to researchers now and in the future.”

Lovely to have one’s credibility affirmed like this. Thank you, NLA.

I think this will help me stay motivated to keep this effort going. I have lots more to share, as I’ve visited so many places and studied so much about Australia. It’s good to know that it is proving useful for some folks.



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3 responses to “Encouraging Recognition

  1. Congratulations! They started archiving me last year … very exciting!

    • I did wonder if they would have picked up your blog — it’s so worthwhile. Glad to hear that they’re archiving your work. And as for my getting archived myself, I’m delighted to think I can give something back to Australia.

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