Picnic Ibises

One of the many things that delighted me while at the Taronga Zoo — and, indeed, in several other parts of Sydney — was that the wild birds that showed up were occasionally as exotic as the things one was seeing in cages. In the suburbs and out in the surrounding mountains, I’d seen parrots, rosellas, and galahs, but the “city birds” of note included white cockatoos in the Botanic Garden and, anywhere there was food to be scavenged, Australian white ibises. It amused me no end to see the ibises strolling amid the picnic tables at the zoo, perched on the edges of garbage cans, running down anything dropped by a careless child. Pigeons were on hand, as well, and a few seagulls, but most of those seeking handouts at the zoo were the ibises, which were also so building nests at the tops of some of the zoo’s palm trees. In Florida, large, exotic birds may be a common sight, but to a Chicagoan, it was a delightful surprise.

Wild Ibises, Taronga Zoo



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2 responses to “Picnic Ibises

  1. The most memorable part of my trip to New Zealand was all the strange and exotic birds that would just be hanging out at the side of the road! Ever since then I’ve become a fan of birds and just how funny they are to watch.

    • Yeah — birds are really fascinating. I loved the birds in Australia — from parrots to penguins. I imagine those in New Zealand would be entertaining, too (I always thought it would be fun to see a kiwi bird.)

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