Taronga Zoo

I really love a good zoo. I’m also fond of wildlife parks, walk-through aviaries, and even butterfly houses. I’ve been to the world’s oldest zoo (Tiergarten Schönbrunn just outside of Vienna, Austria), the world’s largest zoo (San Diego Zoo in California), and a fair number of innovative or well-regarded zoos in a number of other places. But among them all, the one with the best view has to be Syndey’s Taronga Zoo. The name of the zoo actually sums up the place pretty well– it’s an Aboriginal word for “water view.” The zoo meanders up a hillside that faces Sydney Harbour, and from almost all points in the zoo, one can look out over that handsome expanse of water, with the city of Sydney in the background.

The zoo is beautiful, too, engulfed as it is in greenery. But it is the view that really sets it apart, as you will be able to see in the photo below. (Nice collection of animals, too. So you’re not just going for the view.)

View from the Zoo


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