Ned Kelly Found

Well, before my trip carries me back into Sydney, I figured it’s a good time for a news flash. DNA evidence reveals that the bones of Ned Kelly have been found. If you’re Australian, if you’ve read my book, or if you’ve seen one of the movies, you’ll know that Ned Kelly was the Australian-Irish nationalist robber/murderer who became something of a folk hero in some quarters.

Kelly was hanged for murder in 1880 and his body was interred with others executed at the Melbourne Gaol. Recently, the old grave was rediscovered, bones were exhumed, and one skeleton was proven to be that of the notorious bushranger. This may not sound like a big deal to readers outside Australia, but inside Australia, at least for those who view him as a folk hero, it’s a bit like finding the burial site of Robin Hood.

There is plenty of information available on Kelly, including the appendix entry “Ned Kelly and the Bushrangers,” if you happen to have a copy of Waltzing Australia handy. If not, here’s a quick rundown from Encyclopedia Britannica: Ned Kelly. Then, of course, one of the articles on his bones being identified, this one from the Associated Press: Australia IDs Bones of Robber/Folk Hero Ned Kelly, and this one from Yahoo News: Body of infamous Aussie outlaw Ned Kelly found.

“Such is life.”

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