Dust Storm

It’s too bad we’ve never figured out how to spread things around. I thought that earlier this year, here in the US, when the Midwest was flooding and the South was suffering a drought. I just heard from a friend in Queensland, Australia, that they’re delighted that it has just started to rain, as they were suffering a drought–but it has only been about a year since we saw images of Queensland being washed away by floods.

I experienced a bit of that “too much here, not enough there” during the drive back from Alice Springs. We left behind the flood damage shown in yesterday’s post, but a day and a half later, as we crossed from South Australia into Victoria, we ran into a dust storm. The wind was driving a wall of dry dirt from the parched fields in our direction. Astonishing to see so much dry after having had our lives dominated by water for almost two weeks. The photo below shows the wall of dust approaching.

Dust Storm


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