Alice Sunset

As I mention in the book, rain clouds were gathering again as we enjoyed Alice Springs and vicinity. But clouds do have one glorious advantage — they can make for some really spectacular sunsets. I would soon be saying farewell to the Red Centre, at least for this first grand trip to Australia. I would return, but I couldn’t know that at the time. I love sunsets anytime I see them, but this one seemed to be particularly wonderful, though I know it was tinged with sentiment. The sky went through many changes as I sat on a hillside, watching it. The light show was fairly well along before I shook off the awe just enough to grab my camera and take a photo — but I think the photo will at least hint at how wonderful an evening it was.

Alice Springs Sunset


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2 responses to “Alice Sunset

  1. Hello again! What a breathtakingly beautiful sunset…just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing that with everyone. Hope that you are doing well down under. We have had a pretty hot summer here in the US. Spent some time up north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my oldest son and family. It was a little cooler up there. Talk 2 u later, M

    • So good to hear from you again. It has been a toasty summer, hasn’t it. I’m now back from Australia, so I’ve been enduring the heat here in Illinois — and visited cousins in South Carolina, where it was even hotter. Still, it was far from being the hottest summer ever. I looked it up when people started saying they were sure it must be breaking records, but the record was set back in 1934 and we still haven’t beaten it (and I hope we never do). Glad to know you could escape northward for a bit of relief. Hope you can enjoy the rest of the summer.

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