The Green Centre

Finally, we made it to Alice Springs. We camped just outside of town for a few days, while we explored the town and the surrounding area. Driving west out of the Alice, we followed the east-west line of the ancient, eroded MacDonnell Ranges. Here, even more than elsewhere, the land seemed to have responded to the recent rain–though perhaps it’s just that it has now had a little more time to move from flooded to well-watered and verdant. One could still see the red earth, but it was blanketed in green. Wildflowers were abundant. It was lovely, though it seemed odd, having fallen in love with a drier version of this area. However, it was wonderful to see, and to be reminded how eager life is. After months and sometimes years of waiting, a bit of rain brings remarkable growth.

The West MacDonnells


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4 responses to “The Green Centre

  1. Now there’s a colour I don’t often associate with the inner parts of the continent 🙂

    One of Australia’s 4WD magazines released a DVD some time back of the 4 wheeling in the Simpson Desert when it was flooded. What a sight!

    • Great video. Certainly not how I remember the Simpson Desert! Made me want to come back to Australia (though it doesn’t take much to do that). Thanks for the link. And I agree — green is not a color one generally associates with that section of the continent.

  2. In the spring of 2010, after receiving lots of rain in January, the Phoenix desert turned green. The Salt River flowed until at least May, disrupting Eric’s bicycle commute because one road was built through the usually dry river bed. I loved seeing the green!

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