Kulgera Dawn

We did eventually make it out of Marla Bore. It was a dramatic escape that started with a five-mile hike to the closest place reachable by any form of transportation. We were on the road again at last. Logistics meant we got a somewhat late start, and the roads were still ruined, so it was slow going, but we were moving north, and that felt good. I was elated to see the Northern Territory sign welcoming me back. It had only been a few months, but I was overjoyed to be returning.

It was late when we pulled into a camping park at Kulgera, a small town just over the NT border. We set up our tents quickly and prepared dinner, though we made a hike to the local pub to toast our being away from Marla Bore. It would be a short night, as we’d have to start early the next morning, but we were feeling pretty good about being on the move again.

And while morning did come early, it came beautifully. The photo below is the moon still in the sky as the sun rose behind me in Kulgera.

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