Can’t Leave Yet

Once the rain stopped, the temperature quickly soared to 100+ degrees. This quickly dried the surface in many places (though the really deep spots, where the water was six feet or more deep, would take a while to show any signs of diminishing). A few eager folks thought this signaled the time to depart. However, the dry surface hid a deep layer of mud, and so all early attempts ended in vehicles needing to be towed.

The image below is of tire tracks from one of these ill-fated escape attempts.


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2 responses to “Can’t Leave Yet

  1. I’ve been bogged in mud like that for a day and a night (see evidence at the end of this post: I laugh about it now, but it was SO not fun while we were trying to dig/winch/traction ourselves out without success, 1500 kms or so from Perth, where we were supposed to pick my visiting friend up from the airport in 30 hours!

    It was an experience though, like I imagine yours above must have been!

    • Great images of your experience—because yes, it’s not just an experience, it’s an iconic experience.

      Also loved the photo of Bell Gorge. I did the Gibb River Road a few years ago, and it was splendid—but it would be a hard place to get stuck, as there isn’t a lot of help to be had.

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