Sydney Tower

The tallest freestanding structure in Sydney is the gold-capped Sydney Tower. Also known as the Centrepoint Tower (and accessed through the Centrepoint Shopping Centre in downtown Sydney, it stands high above the surrounding buildings. In the photo in the previous post, you can see it, like a golden cork on a long needle, sticking up from the middle of the cityscape. You can see the tower from most points in the city.

There are, as one might expect, dining options—revolving restaurants in fact—but when I visited the Sydney Tower, it was just to head for the observation deck, to take advantage of the unparalleled views out over Sydney. Fortunately, the observation deck also includes all sorts of historical information, as well as impressive statistics about the size of the structure, the safety features built in, and how far the cables that hold it in place would stretch, if it were taken apart (about 1,300 miles).

The photos below include a shot of the Sydney Tower from Hyde Park, and a couple of photos from the observation deck windows. I wouldn’t say you’d go to Australia to see the tower, but if you’re in Sydney, it’s a fun way to get a good overview of the city, its parks, and the way the city and harbor intermingle.

Sydney Tower


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  1. Didn’t know Sydney had a tower, cool!

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