One of the most popular places to visit in the Blue Mountains is the area known as Katoomba, a name derived from an Aboriginal word that refers to the waterfalls located there. The first stop for anyone visiting Katoomba is to view the Three Sisters, a rock formation associated with an Aboriginal myth. I related that myth previously here. The photo with that post was from my second trip to Katoomba—in fact, my second trip to Australia.

The photo below left—the Three Sisters, with the Jamison Valley as a backdrop—is from my first trip. The photo to the right is from half way down the cliff face. On my first trip, the weather was better (that rainbow in the picture from the second trip was, in fact, because it had been raining), so I was able to spend a fair bit of time hiking the area’s trails, enjoying the beauty and drama of the cliffs and trees, as well as the smaller blessing of beautiful wildflowers and lovely birds.

On my second visit to Katoomba, in addition to rain (it was spring on that second visit, summer on the first), there were a lot more tourists than on my first visit. But it’s still worth seeing. The view you get there of the Jamison Valley is wonderful. Then you can go somewhere else to hike if you want to get away from the people.

Three Sisters and Jamison Valley



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  1. I do love the Blue Mountains – almost as much as the Snowy Mountains but maybe that’s because I have visited the latter more. I do feel an urge to visit the Blue Mountains again though – a good place for summer! Did you get to the Botanic Gardens there?

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