Sydney Harbour

It seems to me that most photographs of Sydney Harbour don’t really offer more than a hint of the harbor’s beauty and impressive size. Of course, that’s usually because the photos are, quite reasonably, showing off the familiar view of Sydney’s downtown, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House. However, that’s just a fraction of the harbor.

Sydney Harbor has been called the most beautiful natural harbor in the world. This is where Australia was born, where the First Fleet landed in January 1788 and laid claim to the continent on behalf of Britain. Even then it was recognized as an astonishing harbor.

The harbor has a 150-mile shoreline that encloses nearly 21 square miles of water. However, the harbor is not merely large; it is glorious, with gentle beaches and towering sandstone walls, bays and points, headlands and islands. The two photos below were taken in widely separated sections of the harbor, but I think they both show something of its beauty. In the image on the left, the Harbour Bridge and Opera House are in the far distance, to give some scale to the image.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour


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