New Book Trailer

They say that books need video trailers these days. I don’t know how much good they do, but I found a place that does a good job for a reasonable price, so I gave it a shot.

I had my first video book trailer done a couple of years ago, when my book was new. I thought that this year, with the book having won an award, it might be time for a second trailer. So I asked the team that created the first video to do a new one. This time, I supplied several photos from my travels, to get away from using images everyone else might be using (all but the shot of Ayers Rock/Uluru and the Sydney Opera House, both of which they used in my original video, are mine). I think they did a good job of creating something that was very different from the original.

For any writers out there who might be considering a video book trailer, I’d definitely recommend these guys (their info is at the end of the trailer). Not only do they create the video, they post in on the Internet for you.

So here’s the new video:


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