Batman Bridge

Our last stop before heading for the Launceston Airport was at a picnic area that gave us a great view of the Batman Bridge. This bridge was named for John Batman, a Tasmanian businessman who, in 1835, was among those who sailed across Bass Strait to mainland Australia and founded the village that would become the city of Melbourne.

Aside from thinking the bridge was strikingly handsome, I also found the concept of its construction interesting. The bank on one side of the River Tamar is solid rock and on the other is soft clay. The 300-foot high, steel, A-frame tower was anchored on the solid rock side, and it supports almost all of the weight of the bridge. Opened in 1968, it was the first cable-stayed bridge in Australia. Aside from thinking it looked cool, I was pleased to be reminded that there are people out there who can create solutions to “impossible” engineering situations such as this one.

Batman Bridge



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4 responses to “Batman Bridge

  1. Sweet looking bridge. Dig that asymmetrical A-frame. DC

  2. That’s a great shot … love the perspective.

  3. jj

    i really love this bridge!

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