On the road again, we visited wonderfully historic Richmond, with its many buildings dating to the early 1800s. I won’t recount the history here, as it’s all in the book (good stuff, too: escaped Tasmanian convict goes to the U.S. and ends up as a politician!), but I do want to give a glimpse of what charmed me there.

All over Australia, posted signs reveal the Aussie sense of humor. In Richmond, the one that caught my eye cautioned “Beware: Time Worn Step.” You can see the sign—and the time-worn step—in the photo on the left. I also loved a small cottage on the edge of town, one that, in its verdant setting, looked as though it might be in England, rather than Australia. That’s one of the lovely ironies of Tasmania—it does not give you a lot of visual clues that it is an island in the South Pacific!

Time-Worn Step

Richmond cottage

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  1. You are very right. Not surprisingly I went to Tasmania before I went to England and I imagined that it was a bit like England…and in many ways there are similarities aren’t there? (Except for the gums of course!)

    Richmond is lovely – but you didn’t include that ubiquitous shot of the Richmond Bridge. Shame on you! LOL.

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