Russell Falls

From Lake St. Clair we headed for Mt. Field National Park, which offered a camp ground surrounded by temperate rainforest, and the beginning of the path that would lead us to Russell Falls. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know what a splendid hike that path offered, even before we reached the falls. But the falls were a lovely reward for our wander through the woods. The falls were not intimidatingly high, and they seemed to invite a climb—at least they invited a couple of us. The images below show you the two-tired waterfall from the bottom, as I approached, from about halfway up the climb beside the falls, and from a rock in the middle of the stream at the top of the falls, looking out over the surrounding forest.

While my delight in my surroundings involved more than just the physical beauty, as I was also enjoying the coolness, fragrance, and sounds of the forest, I still think you can get a feeling for the place’s charm from the images.

Russell Falls

Russell Falls 2

Russell Falls 3


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