Picnic Wallabies

Our next destination was the lovely Lake St. Clair. Mountains rise in the near distance and dense forest crowds in around the bright water of the deep lake, creating a spot of splendid natural beauty. It was delightful to simply enjoy our surroundings. However, those surroundings were made even more delightful by the abundance of wallabies. I’ve shown pictures of wallabies in a number of posts in other places in the blog, but here, I thought I’d show a picture that makes clear both their diminutive side and their eagerness to take part in the picnic lunch of anyone who happens to choose this park as a dining spot. Who could resist these charming little beggars?

Wallabies love to share picnics.



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5 responses to “Picnic Wallabies

  1. The wallabies are adorable! I would love to see them. Nicer to have wallabies at a picnic than ants…lol!

  2. Great photo…even as an Aussie, I love these kangaroos and wallabies and can’t help photographing them when I see them.

  3. Cynthia, I am quite enjoying your writings here on Waltzing Australia. Never visited the beautiful place, but certainly hope to one day.

    Are the wallabies tame and harmless?

    • The wallabies at the park are wild, but they are accustomed to humans. Some people in rural areas raise them, or kangaroos, as pets, and I’ve been told they are as faithful and loving as dogs. While large, wild kangaroos can be dangerous if they feel threatened or cornered, there is little one of these wallabies could do to injure you — and they’d much rather be friends. With no threat, they are as gentle and sweet as a family pet — and incredibly soft. If you are eating, they will look at you longingly, lean against your leg, and bat their long eyelashes, and as a result, they usually end up with whatever fruit, lettuce, or bread one has packed. I do think them quite wonderful creatures.

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