Hell’s Gates

Looking at the remarkably lovely scene below, one might not guess that the name of this spot is Hell’s Gates. I actually think that it’s a remarkably good visual metaphor for Hell—or whatever turns into Hell in one’s life. It almost never looks bad when you first approach it.

There are essentially two reasons the name is appropriate for this attractive location. One is tied to the area’s history. This is the entrance to Macquarie Harbour, where Tasmania’s first penal settlement was established. It certainly became a Hell on earth for many of those sent there. The second reason is that, despite its charming appearance, this is a remarkable dangerous passage. That’s why the sailboat in the image is not under sail. Jagged rocks on one side, a long sandbar on the other, and the almost constantly wild winds of the Roaring Forties have sunk more than hopes at this site. But with a good motor and a relatively calm day, it is a beautiful spot to visit. Just don’t take safe passage for granted.

Hell's Gates, Tasmania



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4 responses to “Hell’s Gates

  1. I actually have an online friend who lives in Tasmania. I’d definitely like to visit! It seems, though, that there’s a Hell’s Gate or similarly named place just about everywhere. I’m pretty sure there’s one in the thermal plateau of New Zealand, too. If you haven’t been there, you should visit. Not much wildlife, but all the active volcanic stuff is really spectacular.

    • Active volcanic stuff sounds very interesting. I’m always fascinated by the dynamism of earth processes. We’ve got an active planet. So I’ll add the New Zealand Hell’s Gate to my ever-expanding list of “must see” places. Thanks.

  2. LOL, I promise I won’t (take safe passage for granted that is). Nice pic.

  3. Very nice. I like the beach or water scenes.

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