Lynn Serafinn’s Radio Show

Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 15, I’ll be the guest on Lynn Serafinn’s “Create-A-Life” radio show. Lynn is a personal transformation coach based in England, though her on-line radio show is heard everywhere.

The interview will be at noon Central Daylight Time in the US, and at 6pm in England, where Lynn lives. Of course, as is the case with most Blog Talk Radio interviews, it will also be available for listening after the interview ends, but call-in Q&A will only occur during the actual broadcast.

As an FYI for those of you who are in the UK, I’ve just learned from my publisher that the UK distributor, BookSurgeUK, will stop operating after July 30. So if you want the book, you might want to get it now. It will still be available in the UK after July 30, but will ship from the US, which nearly doubles the price. So if you’re considering buying, and you normally order books through AmazonUK, you have two weeks to save money.


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