Admiral’s Arch

The Remarkable Rocks are not, in fact, the only remarkable rocks on Kangaroo Island. The island as a whole is a patchwork of ancient and noteworthy features. In fact, some of the exposed rocks and outcrops are of such geological significance, they have been designated as “geological monuments.” Of the 27 designated geological monuments on the little island, I saw three: Remarkable Rocks, the fabulous and extensive Kelly Hill Caves, and Admiral’s Arch. These are, however, considered to be among the most fascinatingly picturesque.

Admiral’s Arch is not your usual water-carved natural bridge. It is, in fact, an ancient cave that has simply been broken into by the waves. Stalactites still cling to the remnant of the cave’s roof. The weather was brooding, which made less than ideal conditions for photography, but seemed to match the dark, haunting, ruined aspect of the exposed cave.

I’ve read that a boardwalk and viewing platform have now been added at this site, as much to protect the rocks as the tourists. As a result, while there is a little less adventure involved in seeing the arch, it is much more accessible than when I visited.

Admiral's Arch

Admiral's Arch


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  1. Almost missed this one…You should put out a supplemental photography book to Waltzing Australia!!!

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