North Terrace

Adelaide’s North Terrace, one of the boundary roads of the original city planned by Colonel Light, is not the only place one finds impressive buildings in Adelaide, but it does offer one of the city’s most concentrated collections of imposing architecture. Lining this handsome, mile-long boulevard one finds Parliament House, the University of South Australia, Ayers House (the former mansion of a past governor of South Australia), the Art Gallery of South Australia, the South Australian Museum, and more, interspersed with fountains, churches, and monuments. The architectural styles almost make North Terrace look European—except for the palm trees.

While I ran out of time on my first trip, and didn’t get a chance to visit more than a couple of these North Terrace destinations, I have had the good fortune to explore most of them on subsequent visits. The collections were excellent, and filled with “old friends” from my studies. Each place deepened the layers of information and understanding I have absorbed about Australia and its history. But on that first trip, I simply strolled along North Terrace, admiring them, as I headed for the impressive Botanic Garden. There are simply too many things to do in one trip.

The South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum


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