Rundle Mall

At the heart of every large Australian city, there is an attractive pedestrian mall—but Adelaide’s Rundle Mall was the first.

As is true of most of these pedestrian-only streets, Rundle Mall is lined with department stores, boutiques, specialty shops, book stores, and eateries (coffee shops, delicatessens, restaurants, milk bars, and food courts). When I was there, Rundle Mall was also dotted with booths and stands selling fresh fruit and cut flowers, which added to the generally festive ambiance of the place. The fruit stands in particular became favorite stops on the way back to my hotel.

Rundle Mall was a great place for people watching, as it was always filled with a mix of young and old, tourists and locals, serious shoppers and folks hanging out, just enjoying the weather, the street musicians, perhaps a cappuccino, and the general cheerful bustle.

In Rundle Mall, while some of the large department stores are newer and more modern, most of the buildings are older and exhibit more traditional architectural design—and provide a handsome backdrop for the modern art that dots the mall. The shiny orbs below are among the most commonly photographed pieces of public art in Rundle Mall—and it’s easy to see why, as it offers you both the view ahead and the reflected view behind.

Rundle Mall

Rundle Mall


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