Australian Food

Last month, I joined Australian Pastry Chef Naomi Levine for a presentation given to the Culinary Historians of Chicago. Naomi talked about (and had samples of) several classic Australian sweets, then I rolled into a discussion of Australia in general and Australian food in particular. WBEZ, the local Public Radio Station, recorded our presentation. They just posted the podcast, and you can hear it here, if you fancy learning a bit more about Australian food.

Many of the images from the presentation (crimson rosellas, bougainvillea in Queensland, the koala, penguins, and so on) can be found elsewhere on this blog, should you wish to match images to words. In addition, if you search here for pavolova, you can find my version of this classic Australian dessert. (Unlike Naomi, I sweeten the whipped cream.)

One image I mention that hasn’t appeared here yet is that of the view across the Chandon Vineyard, outside Melbourne—so here’s that picture. It’s quite a view. Goes well with a nice glass of champagne.

Chandon Vineyard

Chandon Vineyard



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2 responses to “Australian Food

  1. “It’s quite a view. Goes well with a nice glass of champagne.”

    I’ll bet it does! And only one glass? 🙂

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