Last Day in WA

It had been three weeks since a Greyhound bus had carried me across the border from the Northern Territory into the far north of Western Australia. I’d certainly covered a fair bit of territory in those three weeks, from the top of WA to the bottom. There were still things I’d like to have seen—things I’d still like to see, next time I get to Australia—but it was time to pack and get ready to say farewell.

I spent most of the day hiking around Perth, taking a last look at all the places I’d enjoyed and photographing places I wanted to remember. Once again, I was delighted and amused by the juxtaposition, in the realm of architecture, of traditional Australian with modern international, often within a block of each other or on opposite sides of the street. It added a lot to Perth’s charm, this blending of old and new. It was (of course) a splendidly sunny day, as it so often is in Perth, so it was perfect for that last impression of this lovely city.

The images below show off both the contrasting architecture and the blazing blue sky of this westernmost Aussie capital.

The traditional...

The traditional...

and the modern

and the modern


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