Victoria Wildfires

With news coming in hourly about the rising death toll in the current, horrible fires sweeping across much of Victoria, I could not bring myself to post a cheerful little entry about some pretty spot I visited while touring Australia. I’ll start that again in a few days, but right now, my mind is filled with images of devastation—lives lost, homes destroyed, forests consumed. I have friends in the area that is ablaze, and I can’t reach them. I pray that they are safe, but I am deeply saddened by the loss of even those I did not know. I have met so many people in this region, and they were on the whole cheerful, kind, hospitable people. It is heartbreaking to think so many are lost.

Reports say the authorities are closing in on the arsonists who set the blaze. I hope they catch them soon. It will not bring the people back, but justice needs to be done.

Pray for Australia. If you were planning a trip, definitely still go — they’ll need the income more than ever, now, and the fire is not so widespread that it is likely to affect your plans.

If you live in Sassafras, let me know if the area is okay.

I am heartsick over this loss.


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  1. Finally got a phone call through to Victoria. As of this moment (Wednesday, 1:45 am Chicago time), Sassafras and my friends are okay, though the fires are still near and they aren’t out of danger.

    The death toll is nearing 200 and the fires aren’t out yet, so keep praying. Some rain would be a good thing.

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