Sunshine City

Though Queensland is called the Sunshine State, Perth apparently holds the record as sunniest capital city in Australia. Despite a mild rainy season, Perth manages to score an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day for the whole year. Certainly, there are a few rainy days, but there are few that offer only rain, and those days are balanced out by days with 12 hours of sunshine, giving Perth that impressively sunny record.

Note: we are speaking of capital cities here, not all of Australia. There are definitely remote, inhospitable stretches of desert that get more hours of sunlight (and fewer of rain), but Perth is in a charming, attractive area that actually supports life quite comfortably. However, among the biggest cities in Australia—and, unlike the United States, the state capitals in Oz are also each state’s biggest city—this one wins the sunshine contest.

One thing that delighted me in Perth was seeing how drivers accommodate such relentlessly cheerful weather. Granted, I saw these in other parts of Australia, but never so commonly as in Perth. And I haven’t seen them in the US (though granted, Chicago is not known as a place of endless sunshine—perhaps sunnier locales have imported them by now). But whether they ever make it over here or not, I did love these auto-blinds.

Car Blinds

Car Blinds



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3 responses to “Sunshine City

  1. Haha! Great catch. I’ve never seen auto-blinds that aren’t the usual reflector type, with or without obligatory beer ad. Those are rad! Must find one of those to horrify the other half 😀

  2. Hello from New York. I can use more sunny days here. The winters sometimes are just so cold and snowy.

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