On to Perth

We ended the wildflower tour in a frenzy of collecting, photographing, labeling, and, as evening approached, saying farewell. We rolled into Perth at 6:15, and I grabbed a taxi to my hotel. When I awoke the next morning, it was time to discover Perth.

Perth is a great town for walkers, with a number of pedestrian malls in the central downtown area that make wandering about easy and delightful. These “malls” are streets that are blocked off and available only to foot traffic. It was a work day, so most of the folks around me were in suits and dresses, but even on a work day, there were a few musicians, groups of teens just hanging out, and others simply enjoying the sunshine and delightful surroundings (as well as, no doubt, others like myself who were just there to look).

Among the pedestrian malls I visited that first day were the Tudor-styled London Court, on the left below, and the larger Hay Street Mall, which is lined with a blend of traditional Aussie architecture and modern chrome-and-glass constructions. In the picture of Hay Street Mall below, you can see the carillon rising above bright, glass-faced Carillon Center.

Perth's London Court

Perth's London Court

Hay Street Mall

Hay Street Mall

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  1. Welcome to Perth! There’s heaps to see and yes the malls are a feature that hopefully makes discovering our town that much easier.

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