Chasing Flowers

After New Norcia, we headed for Perth, arriving in the early evening. We had a brief reintroduction to coping with civilization, but then I was off again. Saying farewell to Jo and Nikki was hard, but I had booked a wildflower tour for early the next morning.

So next day, I was with a completely new group, plunging off into the wilderness once again, but this time, into a gentler, greener wilderness. The southwest of Western Australia is considered to have one of the most dazzling spring floral displays in the world, with approximately 8,000 species of wildflower running riot over the landscape. And I was soon in the midst of this floral wonderland. Flowers were not the only thing we would see, but we saw them in astonishing variety and almost overwhelming profusion. It was glorious.

Within a few hours of leaving Perth, we were surrounded by fields, forests, and wildflowers. It was time for our first photo stop. Fortunately, in addition to having a botanist traveling with us, many of those in my group were very knowledgeable, and whoever was closest to me eagerly pointed out anything they discovered that they thought I might miss.

We photographed dozens of flowers at that first stop, but I’ll offer just two today. The yellow cowslip orchid and the coral vine.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid

Yellow Cowslip Orchid

Coral Vine

Coral Vine


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  1. These are very unique flowers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the yellow Cowslip Orchid before. I have seen the Coral vine in the form of a silk flower.

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