Chichester Range

Millstream Park is actually part of the combined Millstream-Chichester National Park. It’s all one region, but Millstream is an aberration—an oasis in the midst of general aridity. The Chichester Range contrasts sharply with the lushness of Millstream. It presents a rocky, rugged face that borders on looking like a different planet. As formidable as it is, camel trains once crossed this terrain, to reach the coast. It is, for most, a place of transit, the part you have to get past to get where you want to be. It is geologically ancient and fascinating, but it is not a place to linger—at least not unless you’ve brought plenty of water.

As did the camel trains of old, so too we were just crossing over the Chichester Range. But, having just left Millstream, it was astonishing to be reminded what a difference a little water makes.

Crossing the Chichester Range.

Crossing the Chichester Range.


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