Millstream Park

Millstream National Park is a wonderful oasis in the midst of the arid Pilbara. Between the Hamersleys and Millstream, we’d spent a night on the outskirts of the iron ore-mining town of Mt. Tom Price, which was pleasant enough, but we were delighted to get back to wilderness—especially this wilderness. It was a real change from the dry, ruggedness to which we’d become accustomed. The Fortescue River cuts through the park, and was flowing, deep and cold, when we visited. The forest of paperbarks that borders the river offered us a glorious setting for our bush camp, as well as delightful opportunities to hike and enjoy the flora and fauna, and the proximity of the river made it possible for us to go swimming every time the day seemed a bit too warm.

The pictures below show our tents pitched among the paperbarks and the red cliffs that rose on the far side of the river, about a mile from our camp. Splendid place.

Millstream Camp

Millstream Camp

Fortescue River

Fortescue River


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