Heading West

After the day at Katherine Gorge, I caught a bus heading west. It was a 21-hour ride, but the scenery and the delightful people on board both contributed to making it more fun than you might imagine.

Before dawn, we left the Northern Territory and crossed into Western Australia (WA), the country’s largest state. The northern part of WA is magnificently wild and largely untouched. It offers grand vistas of open plains, rocky outcrops, and towering plateaus. I knew as I crossed it that I would need to return someday—and in fact, I did return. During my third trip to Australia, I spent two weeks camping in the northern part of WA—an area known as the Kimberley region, or just the Kimberleys. The Kimberley region is three times the size of England, yet is largely untouched, because it is so remote.

The photo below, of Home Valley and the Cockburn Range in the Kimberley region, was actually taken on that return trip, but it will give you an idea of the wild beauty that drew me back to this region after my first sighting of it during that long drive to Broome.

Home Valley and the Cockburn Range, WA



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2 responses to “Heading West

  1. Steph

    thanks for the encouragement!
    i’ve always wanted to visit australia.. if only the flights weren’t so darn expensive!

  2. Think of it this way — if you sign up for a frequent flyer program, you’ve flown so many miles by the time you get to Australia (and especially if you use an airline inside Australia that gives you miles), that you’re well on your way to having enough miles for a free ticket somewhere else by the time you get home. So almost like getting two tickets for the price of one.

    Or just buy my book — like a trip to Australia for only $20. 😉

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