Heading Out

Open Road

The road.
Again, the road.
It always comes to claim me, and I go,
Each time with less resistance than before,
I hardly know why it still draws me back,
its pull so strong,
or why I long for its embrace.
It is not always love, for now I find
That leaving gets more difficult with time.
And yet, I’m always faithful to the road.
Our union, for so many, many years,
Is far too strong to lightly set aside;
And even when I’m tired, I fully know
That at the very moment of divorce
I’d miss the road, and I would want to go.

©2008 Cynthia Clampitt

I actually wrote that poem a long time ago, when I traveled a huge amount for business. But it still applies — and so I’m off again. Tomorrow morning, I’m leaving for Egypt, then I’ll head to Jordan. So there won’t be any posts for a few weeks. But there will be adventure.

And to tie this trip to Australia, I give you camels. The one-humped dromedary was introduced into Australia as an ideal beast of burden for crossing Australia’s deserts. Today, thoroughbred camels are exported from Australia to the Middle East. The camels below are at a camel farm just south of Alice Springs.

Camels in Australia


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