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I had originally thought that this blog would be all I’d need—that I’d share other travels and interests here. However, this is pretty clearly a travel blog, with most of it’s focus on Australia, so I decided to start another blog for my equally serious food interests. That blog is The World’s Fare.

The original idea was that The World’s Fare would be a book—the history of the 100 most important foods in the world. This would be followed up by other food histories—less important foods, key processes (cooking, curing, distilling, etc.), and almost universal forms foods take (pies, noodles, dumplings, stews). But after two years, my agent has given up on placing the book—I don’t have a show on the Food Network, so publishers aren’t interested. So I’ve decided to share everything that would have gone into that entire series of books on my new blog, but also add tales of my more food-oriented travel. Food history, international travel, and exotic recipes all seem to fit comfortably under the title originally planned for my book—so welcome to The World’s Fare.

Of course, I want you to keep coming back here, as well. I’ll still be adding more photos and information about Australia. (I’m less than one-fifth of the way through the book, as far as illustrating my adventures—and then I’ll start on the three return trips.) I just thought you might like to know that there are further adventures on my second site.



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2 responses to “Check Out My Other Blog

  1. liyahnguyen143

    hey, I’m from London, travelling to Sydney in the summer for three months, have you got any places to reccommend?

  2. I’d definitely recommend eating at Doyle’s on the Beach (great seafood), visiting the Mineral and Mining Museum, spending time in the Blue Mountains, and learning about Australian history at Old Sydney Town.

    For more information, I can heartily recommend my book, as it has an entire chapter on Sydney and environs — and the Lonely Planet guide to Australia would be helpful, as well, because it will have specific restaurant recommendations, hotels, and prices. My book is a travel narrative, not a guidebook — but my book will give you more background on Australia, the language, the history and lore.

    (I will add that, if you can, see places other than Sydney, as well — the rainforest near Brisbane, the gold-mining areas and penguins outside Melbourne, the Outback — lots to see, if you have the time.)

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